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Large Loss and How to Get Paid

06/19/2017 08:00 AM

@ Reets Drying Academy - Premier Water Restoration Education 7707127293
3010 Poplar Rd

Large Loss and How to Get Paid

In this course you will be engaged with experts in the restoration industry to help you prepare for unexpected situations in obtaining a large loss job.

You will learn things like when and how to take on a variety of contractors, getting the correct paperwork and contracts together, and how to get paid for the job you’ve completed. It is important to know how to get large loss jobs and how to stay organized throughout the process.

When handling these jobs, it is also important to keep the client happy, and if you are caught off guard in the process it can get complicated quickly. Ensuring you complete the job in the time frame they need, while keeping up with the financial strain of large loss jobs, is what we prepare you for so you can be successful in your endeavors.

IICRC The Large Loss Course is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the project such as marketing, evaluation, estimating, production, documentation, estimating, billing, legal forms and contracts, sub-contractors, safety, coping with adjusters and consultants, coping with multiple insurance companies on one project, insurance tactics, and different project scenarios.

Instructors and speakers include Scott Tarpley, Dick Wagner, and David Herring

Includes the How to Get Paid Course, a copy of the book Delay, Deny, Defend by Jay M. Feinman, example legal forms and contracts, and access to our closed network blog.

The How to Get Paid Course is taught by a leading restoration lawyer and covers legal forms and contracts, “Delay, Deny, Defend” insurance tactics, and includes a public adjuster speaker who explains where money may be left on the table. They provide valuable strategies on how to get paid quickly.

Includes a copy of the book Delay, Deny, Defend by Jay M. Feinman, and example legal forms and contracts.

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